School Counselors are valuable resources in the following:

Advanced Education

Through classroom curriculum, group activities and individual sessions, school counselors guide all students toward academic success and post-secondary education goals. 

Career Occupational

School counselors use many types of activities to introduce all students to a wide variety of careers. Interest inventories, guest speakers, field trips, job shadows and career fairs are some of the opportunities available to students. 


 Students are sometimes challenged with the demands of school and life. Decision-making, conflict resolution, problem solving, and healthy relationships are some of the topics school counselors discuss with students.

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The D2Center is a non-profit organization  that seeks to connect out-of-school and disengaged youth into an educational pathway.  Resources and supports offered by the D2Center include the following:

Youth Academic Navigator: YANs are education-focused case managers who check in with their students frequently & help with issues as they emerge to ensure students are making progress & earning credits in school.

Tutoring & Elective Classes: We offer tutoring two afternoons a week and elective credit classes at the D2 Center for students who need academic assistance or alternative ways to earn high school credit. Our certified teachers specialize in creating a small, caring classroom environment with a focus on individual students and their success.

Career Navigator: The Career Navigator assists students with post-secondary planning & connections for both career & educational opportunities. Services are also available to graduates.

Reengagement Partnership: We work with Omaha Public Schools (OPS) staff members to reengage students who have withdrawn from school but are eligible to enroll. Our Career Navigator also partners with OPS Multiple Pathways programs to provide services in post-secondary planning and connections to students in these programs.

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The Multiple Pathways of Omaha Public Schools is not a provider of the GED.  However, there are many GED providers in the Omaha area.  The largest provider is Metropolitan Community College.  

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