Heather McLaughlin
Program Supervisor

The UNO/OPS Middle College is a program within the Multiple Pathways of the Omaha Public Schools. It is an option for higher ability learners who are interested in transitioning early to post-secondary opportunities in an alternative setting. The program is a joint effort between the Omaha Public Schools, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and The Sherwood Foundation. We are located right on campus at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in Kayser Hall. Our students have the ability and talents to be successful, but have become disengaged in the traditional setting. Issues such as academic pace, school anxiety, social disconnects, family concerns or needs for a more flexible schedule may have caused the student to need an alternative learning environment. Our aim is to re-engage students through flexibility, individualized learning plans, connections to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the opportunity to successfully transition to college.

Program Information

Students in the Middle College Program are offered instruction from Omaha Public Schools instructors.  We follw the OPS Academic Action Plan in all of our classrooms including the use of the instructional framework, coaching, and the use of data to drive excellence. Our students are able to take all of the coursework necessary for graduation from the Omaha Public Schools.  In addition to taking their high school courses from our instructors, our students have the opportunity to take university level courses at UNO.  Students participate in the Early Entry Program through the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Mr. Dan Carruthers - Math instructor

Mrs. Rosie Goergen - English instructor

Mr. Chris Peterson - Social Studies instructor

Mrs. Shari Hartley
402-554-3992 (Wednesdays only)

Ms. Naomi Corrie - Office Para

Mrs. Dianne Kielniarz - University Transition Specialist

Ms. Shannon Murray - School Social Worker
402-554-3992 (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Ms. Diane Pfeiffer - School Counselor
402-554-3992 (Mondays and Fridays)


Post Secondary Planning


Early Enrollment Process

The opportunity to enroll in University Classes as an Early Entry student in the Middle College program is a privilege.  You must be in good academic standing in order to enroll in a University Class.  We expect students to be on track towards graduation without credit deficits.  In addition, students must have a positive attendance and behavior record. 

1.  Complete Early Entry Application.  These are available online at

2.  Request a copy of your transcript and your shot records from either Mrs. McLaughlin or Ms. Pfeiffer.

3.  Complete an Early Entry Application Essay.  Guidelines for this essay are posted in the flyer mailbox in front of the office.  If you have already taken an Early Entry course, please expand your essay to include what you have learned from this first university course experience.

4.  Obtain three Letters of Recommendation.  Two of these letters must come from UNO/OPS Middle College Staff.  There are green flyers in the flyer mailbox that explain how to properly ask for a letter of recommendation.  If you have already taken an Early Entry course, please obtain one additional letter of recommendation from one of your university professors.  These can be emailed to Mrs. McLaughlin at

5.  Complete the College Readiness Assessment.  You must also have a parent/guardian complete the assessment and sign and date it.  These are also available in the flyer mailbox in front of the office. 

  Education Quest is a non-profit organization that assists students with access to post-secondary opportunities in Nebraska
Rockbrook Village

(108th and W. Center Road)
11031 Elm Street
Omaha, NE 68144
FAX 402.391.7376

 The link for completing your FAFSA can be found here:


Please remember to schedule an appointment with Ms. Pfeiffer on Fridays in the counseling office for additional support and to find out about more scholarship opportunities. 


Students may qualify for free tuition for their early entry UNO courses by completing the following application through the Access College Early program in the state of Nebraska.  

The application is available here:

 All students are required to take the ACT while in the Middle College Program.  In addition, all Juniors in the state of Nebraska are required to take the ACT.  To sign up for the ACT, please visit their website at:

Our staff provides many opportunities to prepare for the ACT.  Please visit the counseling office to learn about upcoming ACT prep and practice activities. 


Here is the link to Naviance: 


The postal code for UNO/OPS Middle College is 68182.

Your username is your student id number and your password is you 8 digit birth date.  Please see Ms. Pfeiffer with any questions about Naviance. 

Below is the link for the Omaha Public Schools Scholarship Handbook:


Universty of Nebraska Omaha

Kayser Hall Room 233



Visitor Parking Map can be found here:

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